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On June 7, 2017 Emma Benoit decided her life wasn’t worth living anymore. It was the summer before her senior year of high school and on the outside her life looked perfect. She was a stunning varsity cheerleader with a supportive family and lots of friends, but on the inside she was filled with darkness, depression and anxiety, and had never told a soul about it. A series of miracles saved her life, but a self-inflicted gunshot wound resulted in a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed. Although extremely tragic, the incident helped her find God and propelled her on a mission to use her painful experience and amazing ongoing recovery to help others find hope while shining more light on the suicide epidemic that is taking so many lives. In addition to Emma's inspiring story of recovery, the film also shares the stories of three remarkable young people who didn't survive their attempts and we learn first hand from their families, friends, schools, communities and suicide prevention experts about the true devastation suicide has on those who are left behind.

A suicide attempt left her paralyzed but faith, hard work and #TeamEmma are helping her rise again. This is just a little introduction to Emma Benoit and our upcoming documentary #MyAscension, which will feature her inspiring journey and much more.

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Research has shown that for every suicide death approximately 115 people are directly affected.

This film is part of a movement to help reduce these horrific statistics by sharing the stories of real people impacted by this epidemic; and insight from some of the nation’s leading suicide prevention experts.

In the film you will also meet these two amazing young people and their families and friends who are devastated by their loss.


Jacob Moran
8/25/2000 - 8/8/2017

Jacob was a classmate of Emma's at Dutchtown High who passed away one month after Emma’s attempt, the day before he started his senior year. He was a talented actor with excellent skills in video production and a hilarious sense of humor. He has loving parents, an older sister, extended family and wonderful group of friends who are all devastated by his loss.


Karyn Poche
6/13/2003 - 11/20/2018

Karyn was a sophomore at Lutcher High, who connected with Emma online and joined her team for the 2018 Suicide Prevention Walk. Karyn was on the Volleyball team and was a master at making others smile. She has wonderful parents, two younger sisters, two best friends and many friends and family members that are all devastated by her loss.

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Emma and Karyn Poche at the 2018 AFSP Suicide Prevention Walk in Baton Rouge

This was Emma’s first speech about her attempt at the premiere of Suicide The Ripple Effect. She fought through a panic attack to deliver an inspiring message to over 500 attendees and received a standing ovation


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